Creativity is affordable!

Not only do we have good ideas in the MANUFATTURA, we also have an excellent price range. Our collection consists of many individual products, so we are happy to inform you about price ranges on the telephone or in the MANUFATTURA.

It is not only about the ceramics that you want to paint, the price also includes access to our immense selection of colours, high quality brushes, mixing bowls, engraving materials and a lot more besides. Prices also include our hand-glazing and firing process, completed by the MANNUFATURA Team. You can also relax knowing that you can spend time adding the finishing touches to your pieces as there are no time restraints while you are at MANNUFATURA. Last but not least we will carefully wrap your ceramics so you can get them home safely.

Paint rate:
Kids 13 Euros
Adults 16 Euros
With additional charges for the ceramics (ceramic prices start from as little as 4,90 Euros).
Unfortunately, we only accept cash at the MANNUFATURA. Birthday parties, get-togethers, team building exercised, christmas parties, art classes, Bachelorette party: Price on request

The mother/child and father/child painting (Artist+Assistance) is charged at a price of 24 Euros.
The mother/child and father/child painting (hands and feet) is charged at a price of 30 Euros.